Friday, 13 October 2017

The Book Monger Story.

Hey there, hiya! how have you been? fine I believe.

First off, sorry there hasn't really been any update coming from us over here at Betayarn, well, actually, there's a good side to that. WE HAVE BEEN INVOLVED IN A REV  that's about to shock a whole lot of people with perpetual excitement!!!

Have you ever pondered what it would be like if you had a website that's indigenous that you could readily go to to read cool stories for free? Written by indigenous writers giving you the exotic feel of home? have you ever wondered how you could actively put a penny to judicious use? ever thought of it if there's a possibility of something good coming out of your writing??? Well, my best choice of words are: We Heard Your Thoughts, And In Reply, We Bring You BOOK MONGER!
Built With Just Two Thing In Mind: Ease And Light-Weight!

Book Monger is a new online platform, launched on the first of October(To Beta Testers), strictly for minimal disbursing and acquisition of eBooks ONLY.


Today marks the day it goes life, and starts actual sales. The site offers;
  1. Free downloads of eBooks
  2. Cheap eBooks
  3. And chance for you to sell your writings.
To get started, simply log on now @

The latest and most sleek local eBooks online space. Perks of getting on now: There are tons of heavy coupons going out for new accounts. Another thing about the platform is: the customer care is great!

What are you waiting for? Log on now and get acquiring for FREE! 

And oh, pardon that we've not brought you picture pun two times in a row, watch out for a gush this incoming week. Now, off you go, ALL ROADS LEAD TO BOOKMONGER!