Friday, 20 October 2017

Picture Pun (05)

Evening there, welcome to the 5th edition of the picture pun mini competition by Beta Yarn!. If you are totally new and have no idea as regards the working of things on this, read this.

I'm sorry we've been off on this for some time now and been quite irregular with articles in an odd manner, please accept our apologies. Tonight in apology we're giving a double treat. And we're deeply sorry the eBooks did not come through, this week, we'll make up for it.

This week's pun is no tougher than last week's own though, just a little tricky. Answer to last week's own can be found here which Mr. Lucy got right.

  How To Answer/Participate:   You get a chance by winning just by dropping a comment in the following format:

Your Name
Your Phone Number
Your Answer (Your version of the complete statement)

I made that text really bold because to win this edition's own, you need to drop the complete statement so we can be sure you are not 'lucking' it out.


Akpan Olawole Ismail
Cat pecks Dogs

And if you are right, voila! You are contacted and awarded your prize! ( Specify the thing about the person that hinted the answer to you.)

For Today's Episode, below are the questions, GOODLUCK!



It's not really that hard though, let's have your answer, just number them, may the smartest brain with the quickest finger win.

First Person To Answer Right Gets The Airtime + A Free Premium Ebook, and The Following 5 Gets Free Premium Ebooks.