Friday, 8 September 2017

Picture Pun (01)

This is not really the first time the brand is doing this though but the thing is there was a pause for a long while which we have decided to suspend and revive all the old healthy practices hence we bring you today the Picture Pun 1.

 How does it work?  We give you an incomplete statement, you give us the complete statement which means you've answered it using the picture that come alongside the incomplete statement as an aid to answer it.

 What's Up To Be Won?  eBooks that costs will be give to the first five runner ups, that is the five people to give the answer after the first person who'd actually be the winner. And the winner gets an airtime recharge + eBook.

  How To Answer/Participate:   You get a chance by winning just by dropping a comment in the following format:

Your Name
Your Phone Number
Your Answer (Your version of the complete statement)


Akpan Olawole Ismail
Cat pecks Dogs

And if you are right, voila! You are contacted and awarded your prize!

For Today's Episode, below is the question, GOODLUCK!

Let's have your answer, this is pretty simple. May the fastest brain win!!!

 Answer Update: 
Eden Hazard