Tuesday, 5 September 2017

A walk through time, the Betayarn timeline.

Betayarn walk so far

Call this the revelation, for those that couldn't keep up please kindly blame us. What's this post to be about? It's to fill you in or take you on a moon walk of how it all started and why there were opposite of ups, and probably give you a snippet of what the future holds for us.

Betayarn started in the mid '15s! No hell no, I don't mean in the 90's, I mean 2015, a "failed" forum from 2014, some of y'all probably recall Naijaglitz that couldn't hold up, the vision had always been clear but how to put it forth and give it strong legs has been the bane of them all.

So we morphed into Betayarn in 2015 but didn't work out so well, now hol' up! in as much as I'm simply telling you a story, I only hope you learn from it, else who cares or give a hoot about a cow pricing a boot? huh? Listen up. why din't betayarn in 2015 work?

Answer: I was inexperienced, didn't seek the right answers well enough and plan was plain rough. And when things got tough in "real life" I switched priorities, a decision that only birthed regrets. 

What you got to learn from that? Passion don't cut it, you gotta plan, and plan has to be detailed and you be disciplined.

So what happened in 2016? Well .com betayarn had to step down for .com.ng version, management was busted and bills couldn't be tended to appropriately. Once again man, you gotta be disciplined and dedicated to your passion more than it even drives you.

So late 16s, September 3 to be precise, the grave mistake was made, thought in me folly to break the "jinx" had to be that name be changed, but fast forward here we are let me spare you of what lies between Genesis to Malachi. We are running on BETAYARN and not Youthspecs, the highly tactical name I had run to labeling it me saving Grace, a burden it actually couldn't bear.

  • The name is nothing, what it stand for and can deliver is the deal.
  • Changing brand names is quitting and starting all over again, no gain in it, you simply loose all you already built.
  • You don't change names, you simply put on some change and try to get better at what you do, that strengthens the name.
Well, I hope that helps someone and someone learns and don't make mistakes.

Now back to the story, cut your coat according to your size! Yes, believe in never lacking but don't do things that would force lack on you. Know pretty well of a time we were getting to rise up pretty good and stability seemed like it had come but then bam! right in our faces site was down, bandwidth couldn't hold up, we could have evaded that if I had not subscribed to an expensive platform. Team's morale was shattered, and for that period there was a great decline, speak of 100 to 0 real quick.

So it went into 17 that way, .com.ng betayarn, youthspecs.com and trying to see which one to hold on to, then the clear picture came... Never loose sight of why you started and don't force yourself to do what you don't love 'cos you want to blend, that would require that you bend and you may never get to stand straight again.

Aim for what you want, but don't do any less than treasure what you have.

So here is from me, we to us, Betayarn started for the love of tech and literature, what I dubbed the classic blend, and side gist that interest. And that's what we have resorted to focus on. Thing is, even the guest bloggers we currently have only do literature, speak of specifics!

We are sorry for the times of throwing you into confusion as regard what's up with us sometimes, you've probably noticed the redesign and a list of new implementations, like the google ads. It's in a bid to keep the site alive till Christ comes, and yes we mean that! Please click the ads from time to time, check them out, they are cool, that way you help the site stay alive, invite your friends, share posts you like, the buttons for that are active. And you need updates on tech but don't seem to be seeing much of it up here? Click tech in the navbar at the top of the site and you'd see how we've decisively handled that.

This time around .info stays, for with every post, all we actually just want to get done is deliver insights.

I could go on but let me try to stop in this paragraph or next. I use "I" to connote where I messed things up, "we" to represent that I've not gotten here on my own but have had help from TTop of Ballspedia Inc. - Akinpelumi Peter - Adediwura Viril - Ashburn - Mitchell and a number of others. I use "us" to explain that there is no betayarn without, I, We, And most importantly YOU!

Thank you for all these years, and there's our timeline in a fair review.