Saturday, 23 September 2017

The Lessons From The Rose Garden

Mich watered the rose garden daily,
everyday he returned with injuries,
and thorns through his flesh.

Max trampled on the rose garden daily,
everyday he returned with injuries,
and thorns through his flesh.

Same consequence, different intentions.
sometimes the good suffer with the evil,
but then again,
Who has more to loose?

Editor's Note: Short And Deep, would take a mind that thinks, to understand this.

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Friday, 22 September 2017

Picture Pun (03)

Evening there, welcome to the 3rd edition of the picture pun mini competition by Beta Yarn!. If you are totally new and have no idea as regards the working of things on this, read this.

This week's pun is no tougher than last week's own though. Answer to last week's own is Team Cook (The man's name is Tim Cook, Apple's Incumbent C.E.O) which sirWilliams got right.

  How To Answer/Participate:   You get a chance by winning just by dropping a comment in the following format:

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Akpan Olawole Ismail
Cat pecks Dogs

And if you are right, voila! You are contacted and awarded your prize! ( Specify the thing about the player that hinted the answer to you.

For Today's Episode, below is the question, GOODLUCK!

It's not really that hard though, let's have your answer, may the smartest brain with the quickest finger win.

(Sorry this was posted late, I got caught up in a lot of activities)

First Person To Answer Right Gets The Airtime + A Free Premium Ebook, and The Following 5 Gets Free Premium Ebooks.
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Thursday, 21 September 2017

5 Things You Need To Know Before Becoming An Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur Hurdles

Hi there, been a while you’ve heard from me, sorry, been busy with a couple of jobs but I’m never going to be too busy for my beta yarn lovers. Today we’ll be looking at something you can call a proven prophesy of entrepreneurial hurdles, what you should know of and be sure you can take before making that ‘right’ turn to becoming an entrepreneur. I’ve broken them into basically 5 and here we go.

1. You Become A Boss: Well, there’s a difference between this kind of boss and the boss at a company where you get employed as the C.E.O or M.D. This kind of boss, grants you your wish of “I don’t want to be working for someone” but it comes with a catch of “now you’d work for people, not just one, if not even everyone”. Most people make the mistake of creating a start-up because they simply don’t want to work for someone which is a lethal motion that can kill the brand before anyone even know of it’s existence, being an entrepreneur don’t save you from working for someone but just gives you the chance of doing so solely on terms that you are cool with. Having a start-up will require that you work for a number of people, some of which you may even despise, but you do so with no one bossing over you, difference is, unlike when you were employed by a company, you aren’t trying to please superiors now, just clients, and that can actually be a daunting task though. You become a boss, with more stress to handle.

2. Passion Won’t Cut It: Yes you are all zealous about that idea of yours, and all fired up about how creative it is and more… okay wait! Hold it, yes, slow down right there, I don’t mean the process, but the excitement, tame the adrenaline and channel it into PLANNING else the business will fold up and will keep folding up until you sit yourself down and understand that passion only becomes a profitable profession and thrive when you treat is as not just a love, but a business you love. Map out DOs and DON’Ts of the sector you are venturing into, strategies on how you intend to become relevant in the field, how you intend to drive in sales and more. PLAN.

3. Don’t Wait!: You read right! Don’t wait, so long an getting ideas into realization is concerned, waiting is a tricky form of procrastination, not good for greatness, not one bit! Don’t wait for that your big dream funding, don’t! Make something happen, make do with what you have with you! And you might end up getting even more than that big funding you have in mind, according to renowned business strategist; there’s a mini version of that big dream(Steve Harris), start with that version, make it something many will find tangible. And build on it, before you would know, with consistency you’ll end up with something bigger than your imaginations’ imagery. Tell yourself now: The Wait Is Over!

4. No Shame About It: 
  • You are most likely to fail a couple of times at first, NO SHAME ABOUT IT! Not unless you give up.
  • No shame about anything, so long it’s not crime or utterly unscrupulous.
  • There’s no shame in being the C.E.O well known by the locals that treks under hot sun to buy roast plantain, NO SHAME ABOUT IT!

The list is endless. Don’t fake a lifestyle ‘cos people expecting that you already getting money real big! Be ready to do away with every form of shame else you might run into scandal or worst still even go bankrupt in the process.

5. Be Ready To Sacrifice: Probably, most likely than not, that start-up is mainly funded from your pockets, you are bootstrapping, well you should be ready to do that for a while, at least a couple of months, you’d have to give it a whole lot of your time too and cut off some activities, are you ready to reduce your eating to 0-1-1 or even 0-0-1 for your dreams if necessary? You ready to take up a lot of extra jobs only to use their gain to fund the start-up. Sometimes the painful things you’d have to do is not financial, but thing is, ritual off the list, are you ready to make sacrifice(s) for that idea of yours?

And there you have it friend, what do you think? You feel you ready for all these? Then what are you waiting for? gear up! The world awaits your BIG DREAM!!!
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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Love For Sale

On dry leaf my love's hanging
Love for sale
Like a town crier I keep screaming
Come save my heart from this pale

My heart weather's like the fig tree
Not even time can heal this wound of mine
Deep in me it lies decaying
For love has judged mine to be but a crime

Love for sale the earth screams
For this love un-returned
I wish that none shall feel
So shut your heart if love calls

For peace flees from my heart
And my body bears this feeling in despair
Her face I see in the dark
And for this, Love isn't fair

Love's pain do I bear
And the benefits she drains
Leaving me to live in hatreds fear
For I have become his aim

My love was deserted
And love's wings I fly not
Now my heart keeps pain as its assets
And await thee to come forth

Love for sale the earth screams
And let lovers ears be open
For like an alarm she rings
Waiting hearts to be wide open

Life is short
And without love

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Saturday, 16 September 2017

Reach Out, God's Waiting To Hear From You.

#21DOL 20th Night

For God, there's nothing in this world I wouldn't do.
For me, there's absolutely nothing in the heavens nor on earth or anywhere else I don't even know exists that HE wouldn't do.
I love you God, but human me has me erring every now and then, but I suppose you'd cackle now God, and reply: "really? boy, humour me, same thing your brothers saying you know, what is it you want or need that I haven't made providence for?"
And he's right brother,
HE pulled strings for us you know, what else do you called chipping Grace into the equation, something the devil is exempted from
But we find it hard to even string just the guitar for him, we'd rather rock 'n' roll fellowshipping with demons.
What else do we want? HE gave us salvation, something the ruler of the world can not afford.
My poetic lines flee me sister, for you find worshipping in the Lord's house boring but you ace the lyrics of another like you, you'd sing "gimme something light" endlessly while you neglecting same omnipotent being that has made you the light of the world.. oh your acts makes me let a heavy sigh off.
I can't say much dear, but HE has missed you so much, it's been years. How about you try make up with HIM everyday with just 10 minutes out of the hours you make up with?
Say Amen, Say A Prayer, Say Amen again, been so long even if you keep the prayer short, heaven will scream hallelujah.
Jesus Loves You, but then you breathing so I guess you already know.
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Friday, 15 September 2017

Picture Pun (02)

Evening there, welcome to the 2nd edition of the picture pun mini competition by Beta Yarn!. If you are totally new and have no idea as regards the working of things on this, read this.

This week's pun is a bit tougher than last week's own though. Answer to last week's own is Eden Hazard which sadly no one got right.

  How To Answer/Participate:   You get a chance by winning just by dropping a comment in the following format:

Your Name
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Akpan Olawole Ismail
Cat pecks Dogs

And if you are right, voila! You are contacted and awarded your prize!

For Today's Episode, below is the question, GOODLUCK!

It's not really that hard though, let's have your answer, may the smartest brain with the quickest finger win.
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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Why? (Spoken Word Poetry)

Most times I ask myself
Why stay awake all night on whattsapp and instagram
Chatting and posting the necessaries and the un-necessities
Like it's our destiny

But when it comes to church activities
Like fasting, evangelism and praying
We find ourselves giving excuses and frequently sleeping
And even during vigils, we find ourselves
Snoring like there's an award for it
So I ask you again, WHY?

Why do our girls find it so easy
To spend time on makeup
But wouldn't wait for the benediction
Before leaving the house of the Lord

Why fill your heart with negative thoughts
Which has made us go nuts

Why do we find fornication
And adultration an inspiration or motivation
Which has caused us to disobey God's instructions
Above all,
We ain't even heading towards heaven's direction
And don't get me wrong
For am not trying to bring us here to condemnation
But all am asking is, are we on the right direction
Or have we deviated to the wrong direction
Which would only lead to our extermination

Why have we forgotten about God's work
And have abandoned his call
Forgetting  that for us he became poor
So we may be rich and have all
For he can give into us all we can ask of

Why have we forsaken discipline
And soaked our hands with immorality
And for our ladies
Who are more concerned about looking sexy
As they expose their parts for the world to see
Let me ask you this
Where is your MORALITY?
is it buried in your handpits
While you expose your privacy
And claiming fun you seek

It pains me for we have forsaken eternity cause of sin
Forgetting that sin soul only put us into death's pit
For that is it's wages

No wonder Mugabe asked
Why we exist in a generation where
People in relationship find it pleasant to touch each others private part
But can't touch each other's phones
Because they are PRIVATE

But permit that I ask you
Which would you prefer

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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Love. Neighbor. Self.

Yesterday, September the 10th, I traveled to the Global Vipassana Pagoda a meditation temple, with two Turkish boys, and two Colombian girls. After our time there, we came back into town to have dinner at a known eatery. The event that followed after we had dinner, left me broken.

First and foremostly, I believe that God uses people around us, whether Christians or not, to teach us a thing or two about who He is. At the time of writing this, I am understanding why a brother of mine, Joel Jay Victor, talks about love the way he does. As much as I try to exert myself in loving, I found out yesterday that I have a lot to learn.

After the meal, we stepped out of the place and we stood just outside the building talking and making plans to go to our various homes. Suddenly a little girl (age range of 2-4) ran toward us and was asking begging for money or food. She was speaking the local dialect so we did not understand, but she was making hand gestures. Apparently, it was her mother who had sent her as she was sitting some steps away from us with another baby in her arms.

Now the little girl who came to us was dirty and black, most probably because of the sun and dirt and maybe only takes a bath when it rains.

Now what we have been informed to do is to give money only in form of coins. Thus I was searching my sling bag if I had a coin lying somewhere around. Much to my surprise, one of the Turkish guys, Nihat, had a Lotte Choco Pie in his bag, he gave it to her. Then I remembered I had a biscuit in my bag, I brought out and gave it to her also. Honestly, after that, I was about to send her away when the other Turkish guy, Merdan, did something that left everyone in utter disbelief.

Merdan, as clean as he was, squatted to the height this 'dirty' girl, hugged her compassionately, kissed her on her forehead with smiles, and presented his cheek to the girl which she kissed and was full of joy. He played with her afterward. By now, it was starting to cause a scene, but he didn't care, he wasn't ashamed. He just had that little quality time with the girl. Then Nihat the other guy, brought out a neat 20 Rupee note and gave it to this girl — regardless of the fact I was telling him not to. He asked, "why not?" Tears welled up in my eyes, as the girl whose face really brightened from what just happened, ran off to her mother, who also could not help but smile.

Later on WhatsApp, I told him that I will respect him for life for what he did to the little girl, here was his response:

Merdan: Ah û mean the little girl ?:)
Me: Yes yes!
Merdan: She was really cute
Merdan: Wasnt she
Me: She was.
Merdan: :)
Me: She is.
Merdan: She just needed a hug, love, play
Merdan: Not money
Merdan: And ı gave ıt to her only this.

You know, I sat and gave this a really hard thought. Even as Christians, as much as we talk about love, when it comes to the practicality, many of us fail. From the one who condemns the sinner instead of saying a prayer for, to the one who only loves when it is appropriate for the occasion or comfortable.

I was in a car one day with someone, a Christian, and the person saw a young girl whom we knew in the area and the person said: "see this one, just dey prostitute herself upandan, rubbish." I was stunned, I asked, "before you made this statement, have you ever taken out any minute of your time to say a prayer for this particular girl? The person did not reply. Then I continued, "you have no right whatsoever, to make ugly remarks."

I shared what happened with a friend yesterday, and he told me about an incident that occurred sometime ago.

"I always remember the story of that white 'tattooed' lady who saved a 'bewitched' kid in Calabar. People from the 'church' labeled the kid as bewitched and the lady as sinful because of her tattoos. But it was she who saw God in that child and took him in and loved him and today that child is whole."

We don't need wads of cash to express love. Scriptures recorded that Jesus went about doing good to as many people as He came across. Non-discriminatory love.

May we all learn to find joy in little things and share some more love, in ugly places.


Written by Joshua Navi | A structural engineering undergraduate from UNIBEN, currently on internship in India.
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Monday, 11 September 2017

Dip Thoughts (a poetical muse)

#musing_falls *046 , you can follow the hashtag on facebook

I've read pages till they went blank
Told tales till sweet ales went sour
I've heard the winds scream so bad the deaf complained
Oh believe me when I say I've listened to the dead convey whispers out of their realm.


He met me an old man in a young body, he said oh me buddy, thou be the brightest of the bunch, if thou was a banana, you would be the freshest fair one, come, I best many at taking photos, come, strike a pose behind this pile of books on ye desk from which thou hast stacked up wisdom in thine head...

My reply to his jumbo of old English yet to fully conform with this century was not my hand by my chin and a grin on my fist posing by tons of pages, I looked at him and said: who am I but a man that takes orders from inks of men that I know not what their heart really meant.


She said come, I've found a tent, a place to lay your head and mine on your chest, son of man, isn't that what you've always ever really wanted? love by your side, peace be the only thing on your mind, I'm sure you don't mind, we can have babies and anything we want in this garden, it will be just us, family, no treacherous form of gathering... I cackled, a face ruffled, confused, she asked what's wrong? isn't this what you want?

I replied: minds change, dreams shift shapes like changelings, would you get angry and probably call me an imp? if I told you I'd like to watch the moon serenade the oceans while I'm on it... I only desire a glimpse, then we can have babies.


Ruler of the seven kingdoms, commander of the finest of knights, I terrify enemies more than the night do kids, I am untouchable, all I ever wanted I have now, at least that's what they think... So he walked up to me, adviser of the united realms, what troubles my lordship this evening? he asked as I worried on in my chair.

At that moment, I did not mean to blaspheme but I told him this:

Here I am on this iron throne yet under the throne of Grace, I may have the law by my side but I do not have love by my side. I am just a man, not a God.


You are the best there is to this sir, I'd say he humored me, but these awards I've got all shelved up don't seem to think so, so I told him when he asked me what I want to become considering my masterclass knowledge in all sciences, he wanted to know which of the branches I've really come to love and would love to grow a tree on, perhaps you'd love to become like Einstein he guessed propose, a great physicist you'd become, I told him:

Diamonds reflect, reflection is what they truly are, listen mate, gold's golden because it's gold, I'd be damned if a man I am but seek only the silver lining oh please spare me society expectations I am not a silver, listen to me boy, no man born of labor and that breathes air has love for poetry more than me...

The heart knows what it wants and no matter how far we run, it always lay awaiting our return and we always come, to eventually stay, irrespective of how many rerun, best to pay attention to it early enough, tame it to the best but keep it modest, least it runs wild into ruins.


Seated by the window, deep in muse, my baby niece came running to me in my head, said to me: I was by your table, uncle I read what you wrote, why'd you never tell me you wanted to become a poet all these while I questioned, and I drew her close, scuffled her hair running my fingers through them, oh my precious little one I said, pay your uncle's books no attention, he is but just a man, a man who wastes precious time thinking too much.


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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Relationship (Spoken Word Poetry)

Relationship now seems to be about the lady's hips
And our guys wanting to penetrate deep
If not live, but to have it in clips
And this has made them so myopic

It has constituted their mind
That they are now more concerned about a lady's behind
And not the character that she hides
For this has made them blind
And has swayed their mind
Away from the truth that they can't find its root

For relationship should be an avenue of spreading God's word
Acrobatically across the world
In one accord, according to heaven's call

But now you see our youths
Deviating from producing good fruits
And has abandoned the things of their root
In order to eat the forbidden fruit
Which can be compared to our politicians loots
But you see they have forgotten about this truth

And now you see our girls going into relationships because of money
And they end up selling their body
And virginity, which I call insanity and abnormality
For it is a rebarbative activity
That has constituted their sensitivity
And has made them loose the curiosity of having God in their relationships

For our relationship should be filled with love
And not with lust

A relationship with God is like no other
With no one able to put asunder
With your life getting better
And you going further

For the kind of relationship you have
Will determine were your ship lands

And know this
That relationship ain't about penetrating deep
Or like they would say
Take off your clothes
And let's get close
To cure this cold
Even when there is no cold

For relationship should be an avenue of redemption
And not fornication
Neither should it constitute masturbation
Presently present today in our Nation

So let me leave you with this question

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